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The Flight of a Lifetime

Balloon Layout
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We must first layout the balloon and basket for inflation. This is done with the bottom of the basket facing the wind. By doing it this way, it keeps the wind from pushing down the top of the envelope during the inflation.
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With fans placed next to the basket and on full power pushing air into the envelope it starts slowly to inflate and take shape.
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As more air is pushed into the envelope, it begins to take shape and look more and more like a balloon.
The Envelope
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After full inflation, a burner adds heat to the air inside the envelope. This causes the envelope to rise to a vertical position (a crew person holds the top-rope to keep the envelope from rising to fast).
Up, Up and Away
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Long burns give us even more heat, soon off we go on our balloon adventure.
The Flight
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Who knows, if were lucky, we might find a pond and do a splash and dash!!
The Flight
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Following our water experience, it's time to add more heat and away we go.
The Landing
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Now after a safe landing, the fun of milking the envelope happens (I like to watch this part).
The Toast
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With all the fun of flight and the work of packing up over, on with the Toast!!
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Cancellation Policy
Flights cancelled 72 hours prior to scheduled time will be charged a $50.00 per person cancellation fee.